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2023 Theme

A - Activate

R - Redefine

T - Transform

2023 Artist

Tim Adams
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I've always been a creator that is curious and I enjoy making sculptures out of primarily weathered steel, then add in vibrant colors, some unexpected materials and movement.


My formal education is from Iowa State University in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture (class of 1985). As a Registered Professional Landscape Architect, I continue to take courses that appeal to my artistic pursuits and also keep me aware of current trends and practices in the Landscape Architect world. 


I design, build and install sculptures for public art walks, private and community gardens, entry features, parks, churches, municipalities, and schools. I also enjoy working with private clients to create one-of-a-kind pieces for their homes and/or businesses.

My inspiration comes from my professional training in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture and sometimes ideas sparked by current events, a recent ski trip or something interesting that I read or listened to can creep into my designs in unexpected ways. 


To foster sustainability, I strive to incorporate recycled metals and repurposed materials when practical. 


My sculptures are designed and constructed to be stout, long term installations with little or no maintenance needed. 

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2023 Host Family

Wayne, Veronica, Diego & Boston

2023 Pop Up Artists

Beni Benyei

Beni is a multidisciplinary, self-taught artist and lover of art born and raised in Rochester, MN. They specialize in dried flower creations, and love watercolor and pencil drawing. They are known for creating beautiful dried flower terrariums, turning miniature enclosures into magical worlds.


They run the small local business “Small but Mighty” and hope to bring positive change into the world through their artwork.


Instagram @beni_loves_art


Etsy: SmallbutMightybyBeni

Mia Stephens

Mia Stephens, a non-binary artist, works with recycled materials to create sculptures and works of art. As an artist, they believe that anything can be made into art, even things considered useless.

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may 20, 2023

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