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2022 Theme

"Re-birth, re-create, re-focus, re-boot”

2022 Artist

Karl Friedrich
Art on Ave Karl Friedrich 01.JPG

I have been committed to being an artist from day one. Being diagnosed with dyslexia at an an early age, art classes became a constant staple in my life. At the age sixteen I was the youngest to be accepted into Franconia Sculpture Park Intern Program. The resources there would teach me how to construct large scale sculptures. The connections I made with fellow artists at Franconia would lead me to move to New York City.

Mark di Suvero invited me to be his apprentice. Life there revolved around every aspect of making art. I later received a full scholarship to Cooper Union, also in New York City. There I rounded out my artistic knowledge with classes in printmaking, film, painting and sculpture.

2022 Host Family

My heart and soul always longed to return to Minnesota. The fresh air and food needed to come back into my life, to feed my brain so I could make the most out of what I had learned. My art is influenced by landscapes, animals, and human observation. I make abstract forms with human references influenced by emotion and space. I use light and shadows as color for my sculptures . Time has not passed without art, I feel life is art. There just needs to be time and materials to accomplish the forms trying to emerge from my hands.

Paul & Sarah

Paul and Sarah have been Slatterly Park Residents for 19 years. Paul works in MRI with Mayo Clinic and Sarah works with Rochester Symphony and Fellowship of Christian Athletes here in Rochester.


They moved to the neighborhood to be close to downtown. They have participated in Art on the Ave activities over the years and look forward to hosting the 12th annual Art on the Ave Festivities.


may 20, 2023

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